Coming soon to a bookshop near you!
Ongoing research is important to us and we are pleased to have contributed with a paper on cities and memory to the forthcoming book ‘Sofferenze Urbane’ - edited by Daniele Menichini and Benedetta Medas - alongside esteemed colleagues and academicians.
An update on the largest project on a site.
The Biomedical Research and Biotechnology Centre. The centre will allow Sicily to take a leading position in the development of drugs, new generation medical devices and vaccines, attracting the best researchers in Palermo.
Teamwork: Agnese Alfano Profile
Agnese Alfano started working with MAx in 2021, after working on luxury hotel projects and living and studying in Turin and Beijing.
Interview: Heritage at risk
Historic buildings can be wilfully destroyed for many reasons, but underlying this is almost always an unjustified perception of their lack of value. The battle to safeguard our Heritage still goes on. Our interview on the matter with Video Regione News.