Coming soon!
Alan Cumming's Paradise Homes airs Monday from 12 Feb at 8pm on HGTV and available to stream on discovery+
A sneak preview of Museo Ispica!
A new museum that brings together archaeology and biology in a transformed historic building close to the site of the ancient town of Spaccaforno, now Ispica.
Merry MAxMas!
Merry Christmas from all of us at MAx - Metabolic Architecture Workshop!
They are talking about us!
Mayor Innocenzo Leontini and Public Works Councillor Massimo Dibenedetto inspected the site of the former slaughterhouse, adjacent to the Parco Forza in Ispica.
Proud to have been part of this!
Together with at the Ordine degli Architetti in Palermo we are talking about what identity, time and heritage means for us in a city and how it defines our culture.
And action!
Last weekend we had the honour to host a film crew and acting legend Alan Cumming at our “House over Cave” project for a new TV program!