Agnese Alfano

Agnese Alfano joined MAx upon its foundation in 2021. Agnese graduated from Politecnico di Torino with a thesis conducted at Tsinghua University in Beijing, focusing on placemaking within rapidly transforming Chinese new towns.

Prior to joining MAx, Agnese contributed to the extensive renovation project of a historic luxury hotel, Villa Igiea, in Palermo. Here, Agnese brought her expertise in overseeing construction processes within a context of historical stratification. Her contribution to the project encompassed repair and interior enhancement efforts, coupled with a deep understanding of complex hospitality design systems.

Since joining MAx Agnese has led a number of high-end residential and commercial refurbishment projects, such as a boutique hotel in Modica, a café interior in Milan and the transformation of a derelict ‘dammuso’ into a contemporary make-up studio.

Agnese’s key interests in Architecture range from heritage to curatorial projects, to public place-making project. Within private residential projects, Agnese has been exploring the significance of the idea of ‘home’ in different cultures.

She strongly believes in the ‘research first’ methodology, crucial when working on such a large variety of projects of different scales and contexts, and in the major responsibility that architects have for quality of life of a built environment.