Make-up studio

How can make-up be expressed by a built space? This is the concept that guided the design of this studio for a young make-up artist in the historic centre of Modica.

The transformation of this derelict dammuso shows how architecture can reflect the art of make-up via materials with textures reminiscent of powders and creams, and a glamorous pastel colour palette. In view of the scarcity of natural light, artificial lighting has a key role in accentuating the textures and creating a soft and relaxing atmosphere, while serving the technical requirements. The use of this small dammuso has been optimised by using low partitions to create functional separate rooms, keeping the original vault visible and allowing light through the entire space.

Custom-made furniture and joinery elements were designed to reflect the client’s creative and exuberant personality.

Location:Modica, Italy
Size:50 sqm
Press: -
Photographs: Maddalena Migliore