Scuola Nord, Palermo

What is a school today? What does it look like? How does architecture influence learning?

In the last few years MAx, Metabolic Architecture Workshop, has embarked on a research and experimentation process on educational buildings, starting from primary school buildings, which places the pupil’s experience at the centre of the design.

A school in which the architectural approach creates spaces that are not rigid or infinitely multifunctional, but an assembly of learning spaces, playing spaces and making spaces that are intertwined and interconnected.

A school that has no barriers and is in harmony with the surrounding environment and where open spaces become a genuine ‘adventure park’. A place where you can learn to be curious and learn how to learn, but also a place where you can learn how to deal with risk, how to “sniff out the danger”, and deal with different situations.

A school to be explored.

Location:Palermo, Italy