Seaside Brutalism

Originally built in the 1970s, this house on the south coast of Sicily is an excellent example of vernacular brutalist architecture. With is tapering columns and deep overhanging eaves this house at first glance looks heavy and immovable but, in reality, is artistically sculptural giving it unique qualities in a play of patterns and compositions with light and shadows.

This phase of the project has transformed the building into a modern holiday home for a young family, with the reinvention of the rather anonymous original interiors into a flexible open plan living and dining space, two bedrooms and a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom.

Externally, the garden has been transformed by new planting, the addition of a swimming pool and most importantly, the creation of an outdoor living space with a quality comparable to the original architecture.

The new interventions re-interpret the original design and adapt it to the clients’ requirements presenting them with a revitalised building that is honest, straightforward, and deeply human as originally intended.

Location:Marina di Modica, Italy
Photographs: Maddalena Migliore