Museum of Ispica

This project for the Museum of Ispica, will be housed in a former abattoir on the outskirts of the historic town of Ispica and at the entrance to the valley of Cava d’Ispica.

It is often said that a museum, the material expression of the story of a place or people, shows in its collection what is considered most significant in the history and identity of a place. The adoption of new technologies has changed the traditional relationship between object, person and space, focusing today more on the experiential side of the visit than on traditional passive absorption of information. This new museum is therefore envisaged as a ‘storyteller’ in which the new interventions have been conceived as a continuous red ribbon that accompanies the visitor in the discovery of the history and nature of Ispica and its surroundings.

This museum will be rich in both history and stories, starting from the archaeological finds, the museum will narrate the history of Ispica, its inhabitants and the link between history and nature. But the museum will also tell the history of archaeology and how it is able to extract, interpret and make the stories hidden in these objects accessible to all.

Location:Ispica, Italy
Size:500 sqm
Status:Under construction
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